A semester long investigation of topics relating to my thesis, including:

Emergence, noun: the process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent; the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

Synthesis, noun: combination or composition, particularly the combination of ideas to form a theory or system; the final stage in the process of dialectical reasoning, in which a new idea resolves the conflict between thesis and antithesis.

Fortuity, noun: a chance occurrence, the state of being controlled by chance rather than design; luck.

Response, noun: a verbal or written answer, a reaction to something; how a mechanical or electrical device responds to a stimulus or range of stimuli; something offered in return.

This independent study will consist of periods of making followed by periods of thinking.

Charrettes last for 24 days (about 3 1/2 weeks) and will be where the activity of exploring my Thesis happens. Starting with an initial investigation—the simple activity of looking at basic typographic form, it is expected that each investigation will lead to the next.

Reflections last for 4 days and take place immediately after a charrette. During each reflection I will write about the activities of the charrette. I will think about what I have made, what I have thought about, what questions I have asked and trued to answer and what new questions have arisen. These reflections will be posted under the "Thesis" section of this site.

Charrette One.......August 25–September 17 (24 days)
Reflection One......September 18–21 (4 days)

Charrette Two ...... September 22–October 15 (24 days)
Reflection Two.....October 16–October 19 (4 days)

Charrette Three....October 20–November 12 (24 days)
Reflection Three...November 13–November 16 (4 days)

Charrette Four ...... November 17–December 10 (24 days)
Reflection Four.....December 11–14 (4 days)

There are no specific deliverables, however all work will be clearly and thoroughly documented photographically and through the written word. Each investigation will be put onto my MFA web site for discussion with Tom Wedell and the rest of my committee. Ultimately much of this documentation will be in my thesis book.