About Design Education Q&A

I find design a fascinating subject, and teaching design equally fascinating. As I continue to grow as a designer, educator and critic I am always trying to better myself in all three areas. This section of my site serves a simple function: to archive answers to questions about design education.

As I write this I have 1400+ people on Twitter following me, the vast majority of whom are designers. To me, this is a perfect opportunity to get some real answers to questions about how design is taught. What we do right and what we do wrong. What we need to forget about, and what we are forgetting. Like design itself, design education is an evolving thing and I hope to learn as much as I can from my peers to improve my own classroom activities. These questions are asked randomly, and added here as a reference—both for myself and for anyone else who finds the answers to these questions interesting.

These questions live and breathe, so please contact me to add your comment to any of the questions you see here at any time. Also, if you have a question you would like asked, let me know. I will ask your question on Twitter and archive the answers here along with the others.

You can find me on Twitter @mgoldst, or use my feedback form.