About This Site

My graduate thesis is complicated. It is difficult to see and understand, and it lacks clear and concise definition. It is a messy, awkward, and occasionally ugly collection of work, writing, ideas, and reflections on what I have made, my thinking about what I have made, and my thinking about my thinking.

Everything I have accomplished during graduate school represents an accumulation of experiences. Since one of the primary questions being asked is what I have discovered through process, everything is relevant since everything is part of my process, although, I consider some projects included here to be less important and uninteresting. The work represents virtually all of my activity over the past two years. I have examined, organized and curated this work into related categories, but overall the work is here as a collected corpus of ideas in its entirety.

What I have not done is spend endless time discovering the relationship between this writing and its relevance to a particular visual investigation. I have quickly and decisively edited my work into categories that best achieved my intentions at the time. Some work is investigation, some is application, some is for teaching and some is tangential—but related—writing on topics around design. My belief is that this thesis holds in its gestalt the basis for my arguments and understanding of what I have learned during my time at graduate school. Making both this website and the document that follows it has been a challenge, partially because I am not concerned with making sure everything I am doing makes perfect sense at all times. I am more interested in seeing how the work relates to itself on a more innate and connotative level. Therefore I have attempted to alter and adjust what is presented as little as possible.

You can download a PDF of my thesis document Through Process here.