Emergence (Assignment)

Emergence, noun: the process of coming into being, or of becoming important or
prominent; the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

You will design a poster for a past, current or upcoming exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. You can choose which exhibition you like from this website:


Your poster must include the full name of the exhibition, the dates the exhibition runs, and the name of the museum (you do not have to use the Museum’s logotype, but you must include the full name or “VMFA”). For example:

Civil War Redux: Pinhole Photographs of Re-enactments
May 21, 2011–September 18, 2011
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Additional text and any images are up to you. Ignore any existing branding that the VMFA has already created for these exhibitions. The poster must be 36” x 50” vertical format, full bleed. Regardless of what form your typography takes, make sure you are typesetting everything perfectly; use the correct dashes, punctuation, numerals, etc. Any images you use must be original imagery you have created and you should not trace or recreate an existing photograph, drawing or illustration (do not use or remake clip-art, stock photos, etc.). It will benefit you to execute many fast explorations with varying ideas initially, which you can then examine and see which way of working best fits with the content of the poster.

—To explore emergent ways of working with your design process.
—To work with content in a meaningful way while maintaining visual engagement.
—To examine the communicative and semiotic qualities of typo-photo.
—To learn to work with type and photography at a macro and micro level.
—To explore play and use in design.

One full-size, trimmed copy of the final poster at 36” x 50”, vertical format only. Remember to author your poster with “Design: Your Name” at the bottom in approximately 7pt. type. Full-size prints can be made in the Graphics Lab on the 2nd floor of Pollak.