Form and Content

Up until recently The Line project has been a design without a client as I struggled to define what it is I am talking about with this work. After much reflection The Line will now be about lies & propoganda—much like the canal wall itself; which in the past helped to contain water in the city during heavy rains thereby actually doing more damage than if it were not there.

I am envisioning the project as a kind of non-linear “book” that the wall will wear across a few city blocks in length. The book will cross and intersect with the wall, so in a sense, the book wears the wall as well. The book will consist of typographic and visual content, culled from a number of sources—at the moment I am thinking a lot about 1950?s idealized suburbia imagery juxtaposed with some of the bigger lies and untruths from recent history: Enron’s balance sheet, the transcript from Bill Clinton’s deposition on Monica Lewinsky, etc.

I did some visual ideation to come up with some direction for the form of the book; these are more gestural ideas of the look and feel than a real representation of what it will look like. Inside the reality of the project these would be about 30 feet high.