Initial Statement, Questions and Concepts

These are some of the very first questions and broad statements I came up with as I tried to focus on my Thesis topic.

Can I use chaos theory to explore, manipulate and exploit the tendencies of emergence,
unpredictably, complexity and determinism in my work to create new design processes and ways of working with type, image and meaning?

What is the dialectic between complexity and simplicity? Is it a debate? Is it an argument?

How can I explore the threshold of meaning/comprehension/legibility?

What is a chaos system? Can it exist? Can I manipulate it?

What makes design authentic? What makes a designer authentic?


Chaos Theory: Studies behavior of dynamic system that are highly sensitive to initial conditions;
e.g. the “butterfly effect.”

Emergence: Complex patterns arise from simple interactions.

Determinism: Events within a given construct are determined, completely or to some degree, by prior events.