"Let Forever Be" Data

This is the first step in an information visualization project: an initial analysis and gathering of data from the music video for The Chemical Brothers' "Let Forever Be", directed by Michel Gondry. The video loosely tells the story of a cosmetics sales clerk who has nightmares of being a dancer. Through the narrative of the video, her reality and her nightmare combine.

Gondry was interested in the disconnect when a single narrative is shot on two different medium, in this case film and video. This disconnect was a necessary evil 30 or 40 years ago when video equipment was far to cumbersome to use outside, so TV shows would often use 16mm film to shoot exteriors, even if the action continued fluidly to an interior shot. Gondry was also interested in so called "cheesy 80's video effects" and to heighten the nightmare, used multiple dancers and mise-en-scene to create these effects literally.

The data I chose to record were the reality (the real world, shot on video), the nightmare (shot on film), the morphs (stylized transitions between the two worlds), and the invasions (where the nightmares revealed themselves in the real world). I also recorded the music data, noting the lyrics, the solos, and the bridge.

The data keyed to the running time of the video:

The same data without any of the labels: