Let Forever Be - Visualization

After analysis and data mapping of the "Let Forever be" music video (seen here) I decided that there were two primary conceptual ideas that were happening. First, the video is about disconnect: between the reality and the nightmare, between film and video, between real reality and fake reality. The video clarifies this disconnect by enhancing the falsehoods in the video itself. For example instead of making noticeably bad 1980's style Video Toaster effects using the computer, director Michel Gondry instead makes these transitional effects real by using a multiplicity of actresses and stage sets. There is also the costuming, such as the ridiculously fake "ZZ Top" style beards on the drummer, the bedazzled outfits the dancers wear, and the repeated use of the television-style color bar test pattern as a background. Instead of doing what we would normally do and try to make the fake things look as real as possible, Gondry spends a lot of effort to make them look as unreal as possible.

With these ideas in mind, my data visualization is intended to show this disconnect and embracing of the falsehoods. Therefore I have tried to disconnect the visualization from the data as much as possible: by using only text and by making it as non-visual as possible. You can view the visualization at this site: