Martin Venezky Poster

This poster is to promote a lecture at VCU by designer Martin Venezky. Having been a longtime fan of Martin's work, I wanted to create a poster that was a reference to his process, but not an imitation of it. I decided to refer to the handmade nature of his work by doing a photographic setup using paper and an Alvin cutting mat—tools and materials Martin uses in his design process.

For the main type I used lasercut letters made from clear acrylic. I experimented with a few variations of the words set individually, intending to composite them together later.

Trying to combine these together digitally was not working. After some thought, I wanted to try and capture this poster with a sense of mise en scène—having everything that needs to be in the poster present on stage in a single photographic image that tells the story of its making. I printed out the secondary information on paper and placed them in the setup as the base on which the acrylic letters stood.

I also tried another version with a bunch of scrap paper I gently threw onto the setup in an effort to convey a greater sense of collage in the poster, but instead of interesting it looked messy and overly complex. The overlap of the transparent letters were giving the poster enough complexity and the additional material was just making it confusing.

After some simple color correction I chose to make the poster a one-color cyan print, to reference the CMYK printing process.