Motion Studies 15 February

As I begin to try and narrow down some topics to explore for Thesis, I am starting a number of fairly short sub-projects that will help me clarify what exactly I am talking about. These motion studies are static typography shot off of an LCD monitor using an iPhone. I then composited them inside of After Effects by using layer blending modes. I am a strong advocate of not using filters, et all when working digitally, but when it comes to doing “multiple exposure” in digital video, this is about as close as I can get to the purity of a MF format camera and actual film.

What interests me about this work is the dialectic between complexity and simplicity, and the moment just before something becomes illegible/not understandable/irrelevant. Sometimes these are totally readable, sometimes they cross way over the line of illegibility, and sometimes they hit that right moment and become really interesting. Even though I am still in the “making” (rather than analyzing) stage of my research, I do see how these could get extended into something more considered.