Course Description of Poster In Motion: The Art of Music Video

Since the launch of MTV in 1981, the music video has become a part of our cultural media awareness and is often a place to find interesting and unexpected work from previously unknown creatives. The synthesis of motion and music provides a special playground for graphic designers, who can work outside of the normal rules of both filmmaking and design. Music video is much like a poster: a singular, highly conceptual piece of work that must be both communicative and evocative of the content it stems from, but can also play against the expectations and rules of visual communication.

Students will use this course to combine creative, emergent methodologies to generate expressive and meaningful music videos. This course encourages alternative methods of working, such as using low-tech methods like stop-motion, film or still photos to create the final work. Each student will pick music, design, ideate, produce and edit two full-length music videos during the semester. The course will include lectures and analysis of existing music videos and other motion work, as well as discussions of form, content and deep explorations of process and making. This class is not primarily concerned with teaching software or technology, but there will be some basic discussion of software, and alternative ways of working with motion.

This course is open to Graphic Design Seniors, Graduate students, Juniors who are enrolled in Visual Narrative during the Spring semester, and non-majors with instructor permission. You should have interest in and some familiarity working with time-based media, as well as a deep love of music. During the semester we will briefly discuss Apple's Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iPhoto and Motion software, however what technology (or lack of technology) you use is at your own discretion.

In order to promote this class, I created a microsite here, and the poster below.