Play (Assignment)

Play, noun: activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, behavior or speech that is not intended seriously.

Choose a single pair of words from this list:

love & hate
life & death
good & evil
light & dark
this & that
us & them
top & bottom
winner & loser
show & tell
hope & despair

Using the techniques discussed in class as a starting point, come up with as many compositions of your words as possible—try for at least 100 notably different compositions. You may use any equipment or method you wish, and you may change how you work as many times as you like during the assignment. Stick to one pair of words for the entire project, but you may break them apart and rearrange them any way you like. You may use any typeface you wish, and each composition must include both words and the ampersand. Do not use any other imagery other than the typography itself, however you should explore with tone, texture and materials as you make your compositions.

A benefit of working with digital photography is the ability to make a lot of work quickly. You should not worry about precise refinement, instead try to generate as many compositions as possible, many of which will likely not be very interesting. Do not worry about what the words you are assigned mean, look at them only as form and content to work with.

—To use typography and photography to creatively author your design work.
—To explore how to use content and tools together to reveal unexpected outcomes.
—To become familiar with using photography in an abstract, expressive way.
—To look at typography as form and expression instead of readable text.
—To explore ideas of emergence in your process.
—To learn to work quickly and intuitively instead of carefully and deliberately.

The final deliverable size, color, etc... of this project is up to you. For purposes of discussion you will keep your compositions digital. We will project them during class, so bring them on a flash drive or disk as PDFs, JPGs or TIFFs.