Question: I'm curious what everyone thinks about certification for graphic designers. Useful? Worthless?

mitch goldstein
My opinion on certification is without a client & vendor framework around it so it has relevance & actual meaning, it is useless & I've also found that real designers don't compete with pixel jockeys, so any putz w/ photoshop doing "design" doesn't really matter.

I think the process of getting that cert trains and conditions the mind of designers. So yes, it is useful

Amber Vittoria
"I'm a certified graphic designer." hahahahaha. That sounds funny. I think that if the portfolio is outstanding, why bother?

Simplee Design
How long do you think it would take for people to recognize and respond to this certification?

David Ramos
Too many designers are both certifiable and committable.

G Guschke
I like certificate programs. Not sure about requiring certification tho: additional burden for lower-income creative ppl?

Benjamin Krogh
I agree, that framework would be necessary. And designers don't compete with pixel jockeys, but pixel jockeys can make our job of educating clients that much harder.

Meredith Galemore
Speaking as someone with a Usability cert., I can tell you that you'd be surprised how tragically little it matters to anyone.

Nic Lake
Just because you have some certification doesn't mean you know what the fuck you're doing.

Alex Griendling
Certified designers "Will ensure the integrity and quality of the work...adheres to the highest levels of creative excellence."
What does that even MEAN? Designers have a hard enough time educating people on the harm of crowd sourcing. I think this this is starting another uphill fight before the first is completed. There are amateurs in every field, design isn't any different.

Arlene Waclawek
After seeing this: I think a certification might be worth it.

David Ressler
Not against it but I feel clients won't appreciate their value so it will only serve as bragging rights within our community.

alec singleton
certification doesn't work in Ontario. Low standards for entry and poor enforcement and advocacy. Good thing its not mandatory.

James Alford
by the looks of what it takes to achieve it seems needless..for me the certification is in the quality of the final work produced

Cassie McDaniel
I think "meh" re. design certification. The design industry is already closed enough.

Dani Nordin
Worthless, and prone to copycat "certification" orgs moving in so mediocre designers can get certified. Look at awards programs.

Tim Easley
I think it will be heavily biased in favour of graduates and be another useless piece of paper that employers will "require".

Anna Schmunk
Are you going to give us your opinion on cert. for designers?

Andrea Brody
Certification, interesting idea. Could be a step in the right direction, but I don't think it's the sole solution to elevate design

Casey Muller
I'm all for a certification, but how? No consensus on what design is much less good design.

Brennan Letkeman
Half-worthless. Your portfolio should / will speak louder than any certificate is worth.

Benjamin Krogh
I wholeheartedly agree with certification, and would love for us to be able to adopt that system. the profession as a whole has been damaged by crowd sourcing and those who participate in them, this will help set a standard.

Graphic Design certification... I think it's a step in the right direction.

the question is, are people purchasing design services going to care and choose a certified designer? I think not.

Alex Carr
Instead of "certification" designers could just focus on doing great work and fair business practices to stay ahead. So are we going to start seeing portfolio sites that say "AIGA USDA Certified" at the bottom?

Chris Arnold
having escaped, and watched the fight between IntDesign and Arch, I'm not for registration or licenses. certification is a slightly different animal and might be a good option if it's voluntary and can match such a dynamic discipline. However, as soon as we draw boundaries on practice, and define who does and does not, we limit our ability to adapt and grow.

I think it would be useful but you learn a lot more with the degree

Sylvia Moon
I see reasons to have it but the structure shown on the site seems out of line. There is no way of defining those steps fairly.

Douglas Brull
I thought this was what AIGA was for in some capacity.

Kalin Gamble
IMO design certification = money grab. Why pay some1 to validate your work when you already have a diploma or work in the industry

Rick Landon
There are so many unqualified "designers" out there, I think certification is a good idea. It might help weed out the bad ones.

Trudesign Studios
@MikeNGarrett I agree, If a client likes the work his nephew does on wknds after marching band prac, then he can use his work.

Mike Garrett
@trudesign Absolutely. Someone has to work at McDonalds. cc: @mgoldst

Anna Schmunk
I guess my thought is that designers should be willing to educate their clients to know the difference. Seems worthless to me. Also, who would continually enforce it? Would it become a sort of "license to practice"?

Jacob Wadenpfuhl
I think that certification is pointless. If someone like's your work they'll hire you on. If not, they keep looking.

Alma Hoffmann
I'm 4 it. I think it will benefit the field. But I think there will b a need 4 flexibility since not all graduated w/a degree. Experience must b also recognized & acknowledged 2 then create a path

Mike Garrett
Useless. Design is subjective. Design school experience is not required. Your work should be your certificate.