Question: Do you like it/hate it/could care less when your professors show you and/or talk about their own work in class?

I tend to respect professors more when I have seen their work. (if it's good, that is) I have never worked in a specific style similar to that of the professor to try to get a better grade - in fact i've never seen or heard about that before.

Natalie Doud
I had a prof who refused to show his work. Made me hesitant to trust him. Conversely if the work sucks, I'm even more skeptical

Tori Fitzmaurice
I love it. At the end of the semester. It gives me hope that my art will actually progress and get me somewhere someday

G Guschke
I tend to trust professors more easily when I've seen some of their work and process.

Incredibly unimportant, I can't say I've ever gained insight from a prof showing me a past project.

Sara Utz
I prefer to see a professor's work. Otherwise, it would be like learning to cook from a chef whose food you never tried.

Sean King
I was always interested to see professors art & design work. I had a few professors who saved showing their work until the last class to avoid influencing students work, which was cool.

my profs didn't show enough of their work, in my opinion. I loved the faculty shows & was excited after seeing their abilities.

Nicole Fansler
I would have liked it if my former profs had shown more of their work in class. They never really did.

Caitlin Cadieux
I like to know what my professors are capable of and like to do, but I can't help but design how I want to, not tailor it that way

if the work is poor quality then it is hard to respect the professor's critiques

Anita Y Chengv
Love it, but only when they talk about the process. Otherwise it's either showing off or fodder to copy. :P

VerenaLisa Kusnandar
Like it. Because we still wanna know about their works and those works can be our work measurement & the standard to be expected.

Sarah Nadeau
I think it's necessary. I need to see that I'm getting instruction from a design guru and not someone who just talks about it.

Amber Vittoria
one of prof.'s will not show his work for that reason. I love looking at all work so I love when they show their work :)

Lance Hancock
If anything, it made the professor feel more like a regular, real designer. My profs rarely showed their own work. Although, when they did show their own work, it was usually it was impressive. Or they would whip up little things in class.

Yana Barysheva
I was already freelancing when I was in school so it was interesting to see prof work just bc he was another designer to look at

Amber Leigh Turner
Like it at the beginning of the class/semester to see what they have done, becomes more "influencing" as the semester goes along.

Niki Brown
I loved it! I try to show my students 'real' things vs some of the silly projects that are in the curriculum. Subject matter for student work is almost always *obviously* student work. No one does work for coca cola, nike etc at 19 :)

Stephan Rosger
I find it interesting in a novelty level. I find it can help with marking. If there's integrity in the work (mostly is) then you can stalk them and figue out what they like

Jeff De Luca
as a teaching aid, I like it a lot.

No I almost think its necessary. If I respect their work. I know that they know what they're talking about. Example: Hans Kleefled

Catherine Ray
I like it, but I really don't like it when they force their style on you. I find it suspicious when they hide their work though!