Question: What class, topic or subject matter do you wish was taught at your design school that they didn't teach?

Wendy Lee Oldfield
Business of graphic design. Contracts, invoicing, estimates, etc.

Jason Falconer
business and sales classes and how designers, AD's & CD's need to understand business to help their clients grow their business.

Cait Donahue
Paper engineering! I want to learn how to make pop-ups or moving parts with paper.

Christina Nguyen
more interactive-based courses as options; at least a UX course or something along those lines. also information-heavy typography

Erin Pedati
Anything business related would have been really helpful


lighting and anatomical drawing. it's one of my main failures now that i'm coloring comics

Jed Carter
letterpress, for sure. I think it's a lot more fun to learn about typography by getting your hands inky.

Anna Schmunk
I wish the graphic design students had the opportunity to explore more typography. We only had one type class. Not good enough.

Sara Bang
how to deal with real client. a lot of students start to get freelance work while they are in school and they (including myself) have no clue how to deal with them. From making contract to how to stick with that contract and such.

Kalin Gamble
No point in wishing you were taught something. If you really want to learn something, it's never too late to teach yourself!

Alex Carr
RISD had a business for artists class that was amazing, yet canceled along with the CDB. Still refer to material from that class.