Question: Did you spend time in classes creating a personal logo or mark in design school?

Shea Baker
Yup at least once/yr

Liz Galley
yes. Along with a "mailing" self-promo

Yana Barysheva
We worked on logos/IDs for imaginary companies but not our own

G Guschke
Yes. Branding overload. My work already feels and looks like my work.

Cait Donahue
And one of our projects sophmore year was to create a personal logo.

Shea Strauss
We individually made our own schedule for portfolio creation, including what would be in it, but most people had a logo/mark

Loc Lam | ?????
I started doodling my logo in high school. Didn't know that was graphic design until I went to college lol

Anna Schmunk
Yes, fall senior year. I still use it almost 2 years later. It was part of a portfolio class.

I designed my personal logo in art school 9 years ago and is still use it today.

yes. we all had to come up w/ our own logo/mark too

Brandon Schaefer

Erin Pedati
Yes, once early on, in Typography class, the other time at the very end of 4th year, after our thesis project.

Alex Griendling
Yes, although I am not as willing to share that one. :)

Trudesign Studios
i changed it all the time

yes, we were required to create our own identities including logo, utilized on website, business card, and one-sheet.

Mike Garrett