Question: Do you/should you clarify work in your design portfolio as "student" or "assignment" vs. client or personal work? (via @AiJahya)

Brennan Letkeman
@AiJahya I never have. I'll label personally started projects, but more for organization than anything. If it's mine, it's mine.

Anna Schmunk
Thanks for the responses everyone! I never did specify unless asked. I hope this helps anyone still in school!

i think so!sometimes,assignment requests are ... far from what the starting point was ;-) #diplomatic

Justin Kropp
@AiJahya I believe you should, but the opportunity to talk about your process and solution remains. That's the most important part.

Alex Griendling
@aijahya I don't specify. If the person viewing it really wants to know, they'll usually ask.

Kalin Gamble
explaining the intended target market and reasoning behind the design choices are more important than categorizing the project

Alex Carr
I disclose when the work is something I worked on with others and what my role was.

Evan Stremke
@aijahya I never mentioned whether my work was for school, personal, or otherwise. I just let people ask if they want to.

Eugenia De Risio
I don't think so. If the ideas are good and the work is solid, I don't think it should matter.

Of course! It should be very clear from your process description, anyway. (Because your portfolio documents process, right?) :)

Mike Garrett
Not recommended. Your work is your work, but if it belongs to someone you should say so, eg client name. cc: