Question: What did you do your Senior year of design school? Creative project? Portfolio refinement? Like it? Hate it?

Amber Vittoria
Our senior year we get to do a thesis, but we don't get enough time to work with it (but we are working on changing that)

Cait Donahue
We did a creative project that will be in the gallery at end of semester. I liked it but would have preferred portfolio refinement.

Chris Jones
We're doing both. The only thing I hate is that we're not spending enough time on portfolio refinement.

Shea Strauss
I wished I had portfolio refinement my first semester of my senior year so to prepare me to job hunt earlier, but I had it my 2nd

we produced/designed a magazine and had to pick our roles PLUS portfolio refinement re: senior project

Erin Pedati
Research project. Wrote paper, turned it into a book and accompanying poster. We picked the topic. Challenging and interesting.

Anna Schmunk
Senior year I stopped designing things to please my profs and started doing creative work that was more personal. My best work ever.

Alex Griendling
Creative project. Had to develop our own gallery show. I designed and printed 20 silkscreen posters. Loved it: It also nearly killed me.

Brandon Schaefer
Both. Refining projects got less attention, though, since it competed with thesis/senior project.

Ryan Lascano
all of the above. Couple design team classes/projects, portfolio, personal identity and website development, sr. creative projects.

Portfolio refinement/regular courses. Mostly prep for senior review. It was good, but I could have pushed myself more.

Liz Galley
I will be refining my portfolio and website starting this weekend! Finding it tough because I am so picky and critical of myself.

I did portfolio refinement. I only had 2 classes. I would have preferred a huge creative project!

Mike Garrett
Portfolio refinement and a couple special projects. I can't stress enough how cool the Da Vinci Center is for designers.

I missed your earlier questions, but I'm a senior now so... we are preparing a portfolio book containing our previous work but our portfolio itself is based on a concept. we are also building a whole system of stationery, library sheets, contact sheets, postcards, and a website. basically we are branding ourselves. some of us are doing refinements on old work before shooting it/including it in the portfolio. but the real project is the conceptual portfolio and supporting system. we did not do a personal logo, per se. it's more like an overall aesthetic that is representative of the concept. all of the work - from concept, to writing content, to photographing the projects, to deciding what goes in/out - is done by us.