Question: In terms of how they taught design, what were your favorite things that your design instructors did? Least favorite things?

G Guschke
Favorites: strong opinions, yet open-minded. Sense of humor. True passion for the subject. Let students develop their own voice. I felt this way in Thinking Visually, that everyone was on the same team and the work was the focus. It was a good semester. Least favorites: Prefers only their own style of work. Disconnected from the reality of being a student. Poor time management.

Chris Jones
This has happened to me so many times. It gets really frustrating and just lowers morale.

Anna Schmunk
the best prof I had had an open door policy. He would take extra time out to chat with you about your work or life. It was great. the worst prof I had was never an actual designer, but only a fine artist. She had her own agenda and forced it down our throats.

Mike Garrett
My least favorite was when our instructor used us for his own person gains and experiments. I felt so used.

Rolf Nelson
this is very true. You have to know to always ask questions.

Ruthie Kreidler
Worst thing : points deducted from a design just because the instructor *personally* dislikes the color. #sigh

Re: design instructors - Favorite: deconstructed good & bad work, Least fav: downplayed how important knowing the software was.

Amber Leigh Turner
My favorite thing that one of my professors do is provide feedback on a project then giving us a week to improve, allowing us a chance to learn while we're still working on the project, then afterward when we got the grade and have moved on to another project

Andrea Brody
Favorite: Sharing their design experiences w/& w/o clients, their creative inspiration/process. Not Fav: Not sharing their work.

David Ressler
Blunt, honest no-holds barred criticism for Pro, but lack of real world business/client interaction for Con.

Stephen Barros
Favorites: Took our designs to more than 3 drafts. Least fav: Losing patience.