Question: How do you feel about working in class during class time? Helpful? Annoying? Valuable? Worthless?

G Guschke
I can see this working for daytime class sessions, but not for evening classes when people are already tired.

I always found working in class—paired with individual or small group meetings—to be quite fruitful, especially as due dates near.

Sam K
I know my students prefer more work on class time with me and peers guiding them.

Jennifer Mead
I never get much accomplished in class work time.I find it more beneficial to work outside of class and come to class for critiques

Matt Sauter
I rarely worked in class, but spent time getting inspired, talking design & brainstorming w/ others. Production happened on my own. This was good b/c it taught discipline, self motivation & value of intentionally devoting time to building relationships/community.A designer in a bubble is a terrible waste. That's why I love community.

Elaine Chin
it’s helpful if we have sufficient time to get somewhere with it. And by that, I mean over an hour to work. At least.

Anna Schmunk
I liked working during at least part of class, but again, when I got to senior year, class was primarily for crit with prof.

Alyssa George
Prefer the comfort of my own desk mostly, or at least having the choice of staying in class or peacing early

Lisa Lorek
I personally think working on projects during class is helpful, deign takes HOURS of dedication so any time I can get helps

Ashley Henninger
I like having time to work in class but I also like it when my prof understands if I prefer to do it at home-and doesn't give me dagger eyes when I leave!

I usually have questions or issues while I'm working, so it's nice to have my professor and peers there

Cait Donahue
I enjoy having class time to work. Having that extra time when trying to balance many classes and a job is helpful.

also my class is only 1 hr&45 min so if Im really working on something, it's not enough time & i have to stop & pack everything up

Owen Nelson
If we're all getting together in one place, may as well take advantage by having crits. "Work" happens regardless of the time-slot. unless of course, you're talking about developing technical skills. Supervision is great then.

Kayleigh Hadley
Working in class can be annoying too many people distracts me so I tend to stay late or go when theres less people thats how I work

a little annoying since I'll have to drag all my stuff around. also it's more relaxing to work in my dorm I guess!

absolutely valuable especially if the prof was roving to get on the spot feedback