Second Statement and Questions

A second round of refinement of my Thesis abstract, questions and topics to be explored. This is still not quite what I think I am talking about, but I am starting to hone in on where my topic is heading with more specificity.

Abstract Statement
This thesis examines how synthesizing analog and digital design methodologies create unpredictable and engaging design artifacts. I am interested in how using intentionality and chaos in the design process can produce emergent order in the work that is created. These ideas will help me form a pragmatic and pedagogical framework for design education and research.

how can the principals of chaos be used in the design process?

why is the integrity of design (both the making and the deliverable) important? how does integrity add to the making?

why does synthesizing analog and digital methodologies important in creating and ideating design?

why is the nature of unpredictability interesting?

(how do we get past the blank page?)

analog/digital synthesis
(the accidental opportunist)