Skolos+Wedell Poster

This poster is to promote a lecture, workshop and exhibition at VCU of the work of Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell. Tom and Nancy teach at RISD and run a design studio near Boston. Over the years, they have become both our mentors and good friends, and when I found out they were coming to VCU, we jumped at the chance to design a poster in their honor.

Their poster work ( involves a lot of layering and collage. I have taken their workshop before, so I am very familiar with how they work and the kind of ideas that go into one of their posters. I wanted my poster to be a reflection of their design process, but not just an imitation of the kind of work they have done. After deciding on all the correct copy, I typeset each segment of text in a number of different typefaces. Using nothing more complex than a desk lamp, a camera on a tripod and my hands, I photographed each typeset sheet. The photographic process provides a nice level of unpredictability and abstraction that you cannot get working just on the computer. This also is a reference to the nature of collage and how Tom and Nancy work.

I then color corrected each photo, and composited two or three of the photos together to give me the basis for the poster. These were then brought together into the finished piece. Since the nature of collage is to work intuitively, I did not do very much minor adjustment at all. I prefer to allow this poster to be a bit raw.

I am pleased with the way the poster represents both the hand and the digital, as well as the complexity in the final letterforms. Below are a few detail shots so you can see how interesting these get.